Temporary Staffing

The dynamics of businesses were never predictable and certain. This is more so in the new normal with the threat of the pandemic looming large on us every day. Any day the government could impose stricter restrictions causing disruptions in business. Also, the seasonal variations in the business could mean a sudden surge in demand for your products, goods, and services. If you have not prepared for such a surge in demand beforehand, you would certainly lose out on a good sales volume. It is challenging to keep permanent staff to meet the seasonal demands, sudden requirements due to a surge in activity, or new orders. This is where temporary staffing comes into the picture. This innovative solution allows businesses to hire people from staffing agencies like AIRahi Manpower and be ready for any sudden spike in manpower needs. AIRahi Manpower offers Human Resource Management Services or popularly called Temporary staffing, or just temp, services in more than 6 countries. We hire the manpower needed by our clients on our payrolls and depute them to do the work for the client – onsite or remotely. As the employees are not on the payrolls of the client they are not burdened with the associated paperwork and compliance. While the staff is working for you, you will have complete administrative control over their work. The temp staff will follow the same level of confidentiality as any other contractor or employee, or even more so if need be. You just need to pay a consolidated package for the temp staffing service from AIRahi Manpower, including their salaries & benefits, statutory costs, and our services.

What is Temp staffing?

Many businesses – especially the startups, and the small and medium enterprises – would not like to commit too many resources before they steady long-term cashflows. The problem is to attract customers, engage with them, and fulfil their orders you do need skilled hands. To strike the right balance, instead of hiring permanent staff you can contact AIRahi Manpower for dedicating as much temporary staff as you need. The temp staff requirements can be set by you in terms of their salary & benefits, skills, proficiency, communication skills, and even their experience. You can even hire for a few weeks to a few months and when your work is finished you can bid them adieu smoothly. If you think that you would need their services in the future, you can extend the contract with AIRahi Manpower anytime.

Once you have tested the waters and found firm ground to stabilize your operations, you can either ask AIRahi Manpower to transfer the resource to you or use our recruitment services to find you a better employee. With temp staff, you can literally hire and fire employees at will as you are not directly employing them. Temp staffing has benefits for employees too. Many people are looking for a part-time job – students, homemakers, retirees, people new in the city, and so and so forth. But when they sign up with AIRahi Manpower, they can define their work conditions clearly. We try to match your needs with our clients’ needs exactly and depute you to work for the said client. It is easier to switch jobs and employers if you do not like the work environment. You can continue to work in the industry and keep your skills up to date while gaining valuable experience. Not to mention the handsome salary and benefits that come along with it.

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Advantages of Temp staffing

There are many benefits of temporary staffing for both the businesses who hire them as well as for the people who work as temp staff. No to mention, society benefits from temp staffing in many ways too.

Benefits to Businesses

The most obvious of all the three beneficiaries are the businesses. Whether you are a small business owner, a startup, or a large enterprise, you may need temporary staff from time to time.

  • Extra set of hands – When it is most needed, the business may not find it viable as well as efficient to go through the complete recruitment process. As employees come and go, are reassigned, get transferred, or are simply overburdened, you may feel staff shortages now and then.
  • Skilled manpower – AIRahi Manpower always provides you with the most skilled and the best-suited person for the job. This is a blessing as you can evaluate the employee on the job, and they can meet or exceed your expectations. In that case, you can make a direct offer to us to take them under your fold.
  • Never lose business – Many businesses are seasonal – hospitality & tourism, restaurants, and sports are some of them. As the season kicks in you need more hands on deck to meet the added demand for goods and services.
  • Other benefits – AIRahi Manpower enables its clients by: Keeping the temporary employees on our rolls. Managing all contractual procedures. Maintaining their payroll and HR Administration. Fulfilling statutory compliance and complying with regulations. Employee benefits include government-mandated health/accident insurance and pension benefits.

Benefits to Employees

  • Employees benefit from opting for temp jobs.
  • Get valuable experience – If you are just joining the labor force, then you have no idea how an industry works. You may want to try multiple sectors before you make a final call and pursue a career. Temp jobs can give you just that.
  • Earn by leveraging your experience – If you are a homemaker, retiree, or are between jobs, then you can leverage your experience in jobs more suited to your skills set and continue earning meaningfully.
  • Best-in-class salary & benefits – AIRahi Manpower hires you on their rolls and then deputes you to its global clients. That way you get paid by one of the best staffing agencies in the world.

Our Temp staffing Service Regions

The dynamism of the business knows no bounds, and so do our services. We are experts in hiring and staffing overseas talent and skilled manpower for our global clients. We allow your business to be more agile and responsive to meet the needs of its customers. AIRahi Manpower temp staffing solutions come with a multitude of benefits – quick staffing, agility in business decisions, and immense cost savings. That is why the demand for our temp staffing services has been growing ever since we started our operations. As a leading player in temp staffing services, today we serve the niche and high-paced market of a few of the world's fastest-growing economies. These include:

  • UAE
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • India

We have at any given time trained and skilled personnel working at more than 400 sites, in over 70 cities in these countries. Their training and skills make them the best in the industry. The most common beneficiary of our temp staffing services are startups and small & medium enterprises. Large enterprises and sometimes even government agencies hire temp staff from us whenever they have too much workload and too few people. We have a database of more than 25,000 trained, experienced, and skilled manpower who can be deployed at even a few days’ notice. AIRahi Manpower can help you hire an individual, a small team, an entire department, or sometimes most of your total staff. AIRahi Manpower temp staffing solutions are the best-fit solution for you if you are looking for:

  • Scalable staffing solutions.
  • Kuwait
  • Ways to reduce your administrative costs.
  • Ways to off-load current employees on your rolls.
  • Skilled manpower – of all kinds and skills – on a flexible period.

Sectors We Serve

Although we can provide temporary staff to almost all industry verticals, departments, and sectors, we have become a major or even the largest player in quite a few of them. These sectors all have a common thread running through them – they are all seasonal, are labor-intensive, are yet to be affected by automation, and are all-pervasive & growing fast. We have special teams taking care of all staffing solutions for each of the sectors mentioned below.

An HR expert heads these sectoral teams who have a wealth of experience in the domain with a proven track record. The dedicated teams in more than 150 cities in close to 15 countries help us continually update our rolls and lists. This way we always have a ready list of candidates as soon as you come up with a new requirement. Our dedicated teams oversee all the administrative and regulatory requirements associated with managing a temporary staff at your workplace. We give you end-to-end solutions including leaves, benefits, insurance, retirement, and other things taken care of. you do not need to spend even a single minute away from your core business on these matters AIRahi Manpower expert consultants, relationship managers, and unit heads are supported by an excellent central team who gives enough autonomy to the divisions to meet your unique needs. Our specially designed HR platform allows you, the temporary staff, and we, all to see and manage anything work-related. The self-service portal, employee app, and client app are all that you need to get started. AIRahi Manpower has consultants who are the best in the local labor markets and who are available to meet and solve any challenges you might have. With the use of the latest technology, we enable our employees, and most importantly you – our clients.