Man Power

In the service and knowledge economy, talent acquisition and retention are the two most important and challenging tasks for business leadership. A serious shortage of workforce may result in delay or denial of service to your valued customers affecting your top line and bottom line both. For a long-term, strategic, and growth-oriented business finding the right talent is not enough.

Alrahi Manpower has one of the widest reach and largest network of talent pools -spread across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Our network has allowed us to fulfill the most demanding, the most voluminous, and the most challenging of job requirements in a timely manner. We are experts in talent acquisition across industry verticals.

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What Is Man Power ?

Not everyone can do every job or task. There are some tasks that require special training, education, skills, and experience. Then there are jobs that almost anyone with average physical strength can do. If you belong to the latter category, you can never expect to rise in your career.. Manpower includes the people (of all genders) who are working on a given job or the pool of the people who can become available to work. It means that manpower can be interchangeably used with the workforce. However, in manpower, the human element is more pronounced and is, therefore, more in currency. Collectively manpower is the set of all people in a region who are willing to work provided they are given the right opportunity.

From where do we source manpower?

Finding the talent with the right skills requires one to expand their vision, horizon, and reach. If you think that you can source your all manpower needs from the local talent pool, then you can go only so far. Your competition with source the most skilled talent from across the world – and at the most competitive rates.

But as everyone in a business knows, it is challenging to find the right person for the right job. This is where the specialist services of the amazing recruiters at Alrahiii Manpower. We are the one-stop solution for all your recruiting and staffing needs.

A large talent pool, highest recruitment standards, stringent check on quality, domain expertise, and a process-driven approach allows us to find the best of the best for you. Our multi-layered selection and screening processes help us to profile the best resumes for you at any moment.

Our offices and associates are spread in more than 150 cities of 15 countries contributing to a regular and ever-increasing stream of skilled manpower. We recruit largely from:

We have the advantage of being led by one of the best HR leaderships in the world with more than 75+ years of collective experience. Since 2008, we have helped place more than 45,000 people in over 4,000 organizations. What is more, the people we recruit know that we are the only agency that can help them climb up the ladder. This increases our talent pool phenomenally.

How do we source?

Whether you do it, or we – recruiting talent is never easy. It requires a full-time resource to do all the tasks that participate in manpower recruitment.

To give you a perspective, we have deployed a dedicated resource (or a team, if needed) for each of the following tasks:

  • Inviting applications by promoting the requirements on social media, job portals, and other recruitment agencies.
  • Visiting colleges, technical & vocational institutions, and skills training centers to spot the talent early from the campus.
  • Categorizing and profiling the resumes and applications to meet multiple criteria.
  • Conduct screening tests and assessments – offline and online – to evaluate their technical & hard skills, and logical aptitude.
  • Assessing their language proficiency and communications skills via interviews, group discussions, and presentations.
  • Conduct background checks, educational qualification verification, health & credit verification, reference check, and police verification.
  • Find the right match for your job requirements by matching the applications using a specially designed system.
  • To train them about the culture of the region, company, and people. We also help our job seekers in obtaining the necessary licenses, certifications, and permissions to start working for you.
  • Once we can get the right match, we help them fulfill all formalities like filing for Passport and Visa with legal work permits.

We deploy multiple resources to manage the workload of the increasing number of job requirements as well as job applicants. The same process is replicated over all our offices and by associates to ensure that we always have the access to the best talent that is available.

On the business side, we help our clients and business partners by:

Why Alrahi Manpower?

AIRahi Manpower is a leading global services company engaged in scouting, spotting, sourcing, and recruiting talent for its business partners. The leadership at AIRahi Manpower has more experience in the short time the company is in services. This is because of our relentless pursuit of excellence and client satisfaction. We are at the forefront of the advancements, best practices, and innovations in people and talent management. Thanks to our dynamic leadership, we have helped more job seekers in a year than most recruiting companies can do in a decade.

Our growing list of clients, 4000 and growing, and job seekers we helped place are our best advertisements. In the past 14 years of our existence, not a single year has gone by when we have not increased our reach, impact, and footprint. When we started, we were present only in two markets and 3 locations. Today AIRahi Manpower team has a presence in more than 150 cities in more than 20 countries.

Apart from the glowing testimonials and references of our clients, here are some more reasons for you to trust your HR needs in us:

  • One of the largest databases of job seekers coming from all walks of life, 15 countries – covering more than 45% of the world's population.
  • Domain expertise in fast-growing and people-intensive sectors including:
  • Construction
  • Hospitality and F&B
  • Retail
  • Logistics & Shipping
  • Metro & Rail
  • Facility Management
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Guarding services
  • Support from an agile and dynamic leadership with a global reputation and measurable successes
  • A team with thorough professionals who breathe in and out best HR practices
  • A well-connected network of training centers, vocational training institutions, B-schools, and consultants to help iron out the wrinkles.
  • End-to-end assistance and solutions for job seekers and businesses.
  • Assistance to applicants and candidates in obtaining necessary permits, licenses, registrations, and Visa processing.
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The AlRahi Manpower Advantage

With AIRahi Manpower you get the ultimate turnkey HR and recruitment solutions. Our staffing services are one of the best in the world because we prefer quality over quantity. That does not mean we shy away from any voluminous and challenging assignments. We believe we hold the record of placing the highest number of candidates in a single month and a single year in the MENA region in the past 14 years.

With AIRahi Manpower as your HR, recruitment, and staffing partner, you can rest assured. We will get you the best talent from across the world and that too at the most competitive costs. We are experts in optimizing your resources, efforts, and processes related to recruitment, staffing, and talent management.

The dynamic team at AIRahi Manpower can help you with custom solutions. We can offer you end-to-end solutions, where you can just hand over the keys to us and focus on what is important. Or we can collaborate with your team and augment your HR capacities.

We offer a multitude of services including:

  • HR needs Assessment, Analysis, and Giving Recommendations.
  • Manpower Planning and Staffing.
  • Talent Sourcing.
  • Talent Screening, Selection, and Short-listing.
  • Conducting Technical and Behavioral Interviews
  • Scheduling Interviews with your Leadership Team, especially for senior positions.
  • HR Services – benefits negotiation, onboarding, orientation, and payroll processing
  • Local and International Recruitment Services.
  • Conducting Employee and Talent Baseline Surveys.
  • Contractual, Seasonal, and Temporary Staffing Services.
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Our UPS's

  • Global presence – From 2 countries to more than 20 countries.
  • Connected World – From 1 region to 6 regions and 3 continents.
  • Wider network – From 3 locations to presence in over 150 cities
  • Client First – We always put your needs, constraints, and requirements over any other consideration.
  • Quality AND Quantity – Our dynamic team can manage any workload with the same ease and finesse. We never let the quantity of work compromise our quality.
  • Efficient and Performance-Driven – We honor timelines set by you. If we did not, then we would not grow at the pace that we did in the last 12 years.
  • The Ripple Effect – We believe quality and customer satisfaction begets you more business. That is why our references among applicants and employers are becoming more and more acceptable with every passing day.
  • Domain Expertise – We have HR domain experts in the fields of Construction, Hospitality and F&B Services, Retail, Logistics & Shipping, Metro & Rail, Facility Management, Operation & Maintenance, Manufacturing, and Guarding services.
  • Largest Database of Skilled and Experienced Workforce – Our talent pool is derived from the regions with 45% of the world’s total population that is home to the world's 60% of the young population!
  • Widest Skill and Level Coverage – We offer recruitment services for bulk recruitment of blue-collar workers. As we do for the one-off headhunting for the CXO roles. And we do everything in between.
  • Committed, Caring, and Capable - We are all these and train our team to be profuse by the same principles. We ensure the staff we hire for you also has the same values
  • Growing Network – We are now the preferred recruitment partner for over 2,500 businesses, agencies, and non-profits. And we have never failed them. Ever.

Sectors We Serve

We are experts and market leaders in recruitment and staffing solutions for the nine key sectors. These are the sectors that have seen the highest growth in employment generation. Each sector has its unique requirements, peculiarities, and nuances. The people relations in each sector have evolved over time and are strictly followed by both the employers and the employees.

This diversity and uniqueness of approach add another layer to the challenge when it comes to recruiting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Most new hires cannot make it through the first year because of the cultural shock.

That is why we have domain experts as part of our leadership and executive teams. These experts train and sensitize the applicants to cultural niceties and differences. They train them how to deal with a situation in a stressed environment.

If you are in a fix on how to fulfil your growing manpower requirements, then without wasting time, call us right now. Our HR advisors and consultants will be glad to offer to you the best solutions, services, and advice.