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With a skilled, talented, and dedicated workforce, your business can reach the height that only you could imagine. Without a team of dedicated manpower who are all committed to a common objective, of satisfying the client's needs, nothing can be achieved. Staffing the team with the right talent, therefore, is one of the most crucial jobs you have to do as a manager or an entrepreneur. But finding time to find the right fit for any role in an organization is challenging. You need to consider many factors – their aptitude, attitude, skills, education, experience, work status, and compensation. Finding all the right variables in one place is almost impossible at crucial junctures in your business. Your growth may be stalled if you do not find the right talent at the right time. and in some cases, the very survival of the business may be in jeopardy. At AlRahi Manpower, our only goal is to provide our clients with options in talent that they need before they need it. We have always believed in the following core values:


When we apply these principles in our everyday operations, we can guarantee “customer delight” and “total satisfaction." Our recruitment consultants and staffing managers take every assignment as a challenge to innovate and deliver the best.

With AlRahi Manpower you get the following advantage:

Cost-effective, Practical, and Innovative Recruitment

Customized Recruitment and Staffing Solutions.

Complete Alignment to Client Requirement.

A Powerful and Growing Network of Relationships.

Early Response and Fast Turnaround.

Extensive Global Sourcing Capabilities.

Domain and Industry Vertical Expertise.

Best of the Best Recruitment Consultants.

End-to-end Staffing Solutions

Quality, Speed, and Quantity - All Delivered.

Process-Oriented Workflows

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How Do We Source?

Spotting, sourcing, and attracting talent is one of the biggest challenges of the modern world. With the explosion in information, talented people need to find your proposition is not just about a job but about a career. At AlRahi Manpower we specialize in talent sourcing, as our recruitment consultants have their fingers on the pulse of the local talent pools.

Analyze and Plan

Once you reach out to us, the recruitment consultants at AlRahi Manpower analyze your requirements thoroughly. This helps us plan the recruitment process by factoring in multiple variables. Some of those considerations are – local vs. global, print vs. electronic vs. digital, temporary vs. permanent, and so on. We consider each recruitment requirement from you as time- sensitive and of the highest quality.

Reaching Out and Initial Screening

Once the plan is in place, after your approval, we put it in motion and start the recruitment process. We tap out more than 250 associates in over 15 countries and 150 cities in South Asia, MENA, and Africa regions. With a set of fresh resumes all meeting the minimum criteria, we filter at least 3x to 5x applicants compared to your requirement for all the advertised jobs.

Applicant Selection

Once the screening process is complete, we move on to the next stage of the process – selection. The identified candidates go through a battery of tests – written, oral, demonstration and the candidates are graded objectively to find the right fit. Background checks including education qualification, experience, credit, and reference are carried out for the most promising candidates.

Benefits Negotiation and Onboarding

We negotiate the compensation package and benefits for the candidate and actively engage with our clients and candidates. By a relationship of mutual trust, we find the best possible benefits package. Once a candidate joins your organization, we continue to handhold your HR managers and the candidate to easily transition and establish a rapport with each other.

Why Choose us





We may sing praises about ourselves all day long and it will not matter to you. We exactly know what matters to you – what other clients and candidates have to say about us. So let us sample some of the gems that our satisfied clients have written about us in their letters of appreciation and recommendation about AlRahi Manpower.

World over in every sector, and especially in HR management and recruitment, consultants tell their clients that they can deliver only on one of the three parameters – quality, speed, and quantity. They contend that to gain more in one area the other two have to be sacrificed, necessarily and inevitably. At AlRahi Manpower we believe that with the right team, the right strategy, the right plans, and flawless execution we can achieve all three goals. We deliver quality, speed, and quantity to our clients every day, year after year, in an uninterrupted manner.

Growing Global Network

One of the reasons we can deliver on the above three parameters is we know how to build, nurture, and grow relationships. It is all about showing the other side that what they could gain by associating with and what would they lose by not associating with us. Our consultants, recruiters, and advisors have more associates and partners around the world, than probably any other agency in the MENA and Africa regions.

Domain Expertise

Every industry has its unique needs and demands. We have domain experts in over ten different industries who have worked extensively as recruiters and HR managers in those domains. With their key insights, pulse on changing trends, and extensive networks in the sectors, they can deliver the best talent for any of your needs.

Lean, Agile, and Flexible Team

To deliver the best results, in time, and in large numbers that we do, does not require a humongous team. At AlRahi Manpower we enable our associates, recruiters, and consultants to be the owners of the process and help them all the way. This way we cut across the bureaucracy and red tape and get the work done. AlRahi Manpower has set procedures, but they are flexible enough to give room to our consultants to adjust according to your needs.

Largest Candidate Databases

Having a large network of associates and recruiters means that we have one of the largest candidate databases. It is not only the largest but also the most updated one in the South Asia, MENA, and Africa regions. Candidates who are satisfied with the opportunities that we offered them earlier, remain in our database willingly and update their profiles regularly

Preferred Recruitment and Staffing Partner

We are the preferred recruitment and staffing partners of more than 1500 businesses, companies, non-profits, and government agencies. Whenever they have a recruitment or staffing issue, ours is the first and the last number they dial. They recommend the services of AlRahi Manpower so much so that we never have to advertise our services.



What makes us the best in the world?

Many factors help us be the best in what we offer and continue to improve it. Despite the growing demand, at present AlRahi Manpower deals only in ten industrial sectors. This is because we never wish to compromise our quality of service and our efficiency just to expand into a new sector.

1. We are the preferred recruitment and staffing agency in:

  • - Construction
  • - Hospitality and F&B
  • - Retail
  • - Logistics & Shipping
  • - Metro & Rail
  • - Facility Management & Guarding
  • - Operation & Maintenance
  • - Manufacturing

2. We work as your business partners and not a third-party vendor.

3. Before we take on you as a client, we understand about you, your company, your core values, and your exact needs.

4. We continually strive to expand our reach in one of the world's youngest and most talented sets of candidates in over 15 countries in the South Asia, MENA, and Africa regions.

5. We never overbill you by thrusting on you more manpower than you can afford and need.

6. We emphasize that the candidates have demonstrable skills, licenses, and certifications from reputed and recognized industry bodies.

7.A unit is dedicated to running background checks of all types that can dig deeper for senior positions.

8. Our work ethics are defined by our core values and guided by our “Client First” motto.

9. We can deliver the right manpower for your needs, at the time and location of your choice.

10. We are one of the largest and most trusted recruitment and staffing agencies when it comes to global recruitments and C-Suite headhunting.

11. We treat our clients and candidates with the same respect and ethics that we expect them to treat us with. This helps cement our relationships based on honesty, integrity, and values.

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Sectors We Deal In

At present we have clients – large, medium, and small enterprises, and government & international agencies – in the following sectors and domains:

To date AlRahi Manpower has successfully placed more than 500,000 job seekers in over 3000 companies and organizations. We were among the handful of global recruiters who were fully operational even during the severest of lockdowns during the pandemic lockdowns. Even in a year as dreadful as 2020, we managed to surpass our previous annual record placements at 35,000 Today, candidates from AlRahi Manpower are working in 30 countries, at various levels and continuously add to our talent pool by directing new talent towards us. As they become influential at their workplace, they prefer to hire from us, knowing our unmatched focus on quality and integrity. We can guarantee that AlRahi Manpower has the specialty that you are seeking to fill in roles requiring skills, talent, and experience. We are your partners in the success of your business and our domain expertise is at your service.