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AlRahi Manpower, is the leading & most trusted online and offline recruiters and staffing solutions companies in the Middle East and Africa. Our recruitment portal is accessed by over 10,000 unique job seekers daily to find new jobs in the growing economies of the region. With over 2500 employers on board, we are one of the largest providers of job opportunities in the Blue Collar sector. The job opportunities that are available on the AlRahi Manpower portal range from the Senior Technical experts to Managers, from Engineers to helpers, and from Supervisors to associates. Our reach and domain expertise in multiple industries allows us to hire the best talent for them.

At present we have clients – large, medium, and small enterprises, and government & international agencies
in the following sectors and domains:

To date AlRahi Manpower has successfully placed more than 500,000 job seekers in over 3000 companies and organizations in Middle East & Africa Region as well as in the various parts of the world. We were among the handful of global recruiters who were fully operational even during the severest of lockdowns during the pandemic lockdowns. Even in a year as dreadful as 2020, we managed to surpass our previous annual record placements at 35,000. Today, candidates from AlRahi Manpower are working in over 30 countries, at various levels and continuously add to our talent pool by directing new talent towards us. As they become influential at their workplace, they prefer to hire from us, knowing our unmatched focus on quality and integrity. The completely online recruitment process can be completed through our fully automated portal and mobile app. The separate login for job seekers and employers allows them to filter through the vast talent pool and job opportunities, create custom alerts, and find the best match for their talent or needs. The portal and the app, combined, are used by over 10 million professionals with experience and skills across all job categories, spanning all sectors, from over 50 countries in the region. The AlRahi Manpower portal serves as a key contributor to economic growth and workforce mobility by offering opportunities in both the local and the international markets. The charismatic leadership at AlRahi Manpower is supported by an equally talented team of domain experts and recruiters certified from leading HR Institutions of the world namely CIPD UK, SHRM USA, AHRI Australia and HRCI USA. Our talent scouts advise and help employers draw the best talent acquisition strategy, write detailed job descriptions, and target the best talent out there. Similarly, our recruiters provide immense value to job seekers by helping them prepare for interviews, write the most outstanding resumes, do their background and qualification checks, and present them with the best rewarding opportunities there are. At AlRahi Manpower, bringing smiles through integrity, innovation, quality, and excellence is our obsession and passion. We are excited to meet new people and help them establish connections to step up in life.



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