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AIRahi Manpower is among the leading Blue collar & Technical recruitment and staffing solutions providers for the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South Asia regions. We are experts in providing specialized recruiting services for Blue-collar workers and Technical workers to supervisory levels including Nurses Recruitment. We provide end-to-end recruitment services and staffing services to corporates, businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. Our customized solutions help in sustainable organization growth and risk-free talent management. AIRahi Manpower's cost-effective, time-bound, and reliable recruitment solutions, help businesses serve their customers. We attract more than 100,000 applicants annually across 10 domains. We have placed so far more than 500,000 job seekers overseas. We help organizations improve, optimize, and economize their recruitment operations by bringing in new synergies and innovation to every step in the recruitment process. We guarantee the best fit for any position – entry-level to executives with years of experience.

AIRahi Manpower is a powerhouse with a unique combination of unmatched experience, our collaboration never needs advertisements as most of our new clients are introduced to us by our growing base of existing clients. Similarly, most of the applicants use us as their first and only agency to land them their dream gig.

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For Employers and Employees

As a businessperson, if you want to focus on organizations growth sustainably then you need to focus on developing the capabilities of your team to meet new challenges and deliver their best. In these times of your need, you wish if someone reliable could take over from you, process applicants, and give you the best candidates.

This is where AIRahi Manpower comes to your rescue. We understand that when you are busy detailing projects, managing production schedules, and meeting with high-profile clients, you do not have time for another important aspect of your business – manpower. But you also understand that without skilled, efficient, reliable, and performance-driven manpower you cannot go forward. We step in to ease your pains at least on one front – recruitment and staffing. Our customized services help your business managers focus on what is most important while we give them the best staff to do the actual work on time. As a leading Blue collar & Technical recruitment services provider and a staffing solutions company, AIRahi Manpower is one of the leading temp staffing companies in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South Asia regions. The number of career opportunities that we come across – from Senior Technical specialist to entry-level – is mind-boggling.

How Do We Deliver Services?

Once you reach to AIRahi Manpower consultants with your recruitment and staffing needs, we start working on a strategy for your specific needs. Our vast experience of working with diverse clients is helpful – but we actively make a plan to suit your needs. We can help you with all stages of recruitment:

Manpower planning

Defining job description and role

Identifying essential skills and qualifications

Advertising the job to the right audience

Online application submission

Application screening and scrutiny

Conducting multiple rounds of screening & selection

Scheduling and conducting personal interviews

Holding a live demonstration for key skills

Document verification and background check

Salary & benefits negotiation

Employee onboarding and handover

Our consultants and team are so experienced that they can take over at any stage from your team – no questions asked. We deeply analyze what your team has achieved, where they are facing bottlenecks, and how can we help to meet your objectives. At AIRahi Manpower, we put our clients first always. We believe in delivering quality & quantity and speed and cost-effectiveness can go hand in hand. It seems unreal, but we are in the business of making unreal the real. Our team has domain expertise in core and ancillary sectors and industries with recruiters having years of experience. We give you the best service by following a simple 3-step process.

Analyze and Plan

A detailed analysis of your current and future needs, your past and current pain points, and the direction in which you want your company to take are the key inputs for us. We devise a strategy to overcome challenges and formulate a plan custom-made for you.

Talent Search

We have one of the largest databases of potential candidates from over 15 countries. The database has classified candidates on multiple criteria – experience, qualifications, skills, licenses, and so on. The moment you present your needs, our recruiters start identifying potential candidates for your needs. We also reach out to outer agencies and publish job postings to get more fresh applications.


Our selection process is extensive and exhaustive. It is so reliable, that many of our long-standing partners have completely done away with their internal processes and solely rely on our selection. The selection process for each job is designed to meet its specific challenges and needs.

We Provide Talent from Across The Globe

Talent and opportunities have no boundaries. They are limitless and spread wide just like business opportunities. When you source talent from a larger pool, you get many advantages. These advantages range from cost-effectiveness, more skills, better work ethics, and more dedication to the job. Solely relying on your limited and local talent pool can have a drastic impact. As the youth wants to explore the world, they are more interested in taking opportunities that take them to farther lands. This poses a big challenge for businesses that have limited resources to cast their net wider. AIRahi Manpower provides recruitment and staffing services with talent sourcing from over 15 countries. These countries collectively comprise of world's over 45% of the youth population – who are skilled, talented, and mobile. With AIRahi Manpower more than 150 offices and associates in all major education centers in these countries, we can tap the fresh talent at the source.

International sourcing helps businesses overcome imbalances in the local talent market related to diversity, skills, talent cost, shortages, and lack of experience. International sourcing also helps increase your business footprints in geographies that you were not present in earlier. Our clients include many of the largest corporations, government agencies, and local businesses with diverse needs. It is not possible to fulfill all their demands for the right talent to be fulfilled by the local markets. This gives the job seekers in the above countries a unique advantage. They can work with us or for us and gain upward mobility, international exposure, and a rewarding career.

AlRahi Manpower has a team of renowned experts to offer specialized recruitment services to these sectors. Our end-to-end recruitment and staffing services are used by corporates, businesses, non-profits, and government agencies.